Video: Fragility in Economic Systems. Interview with Nate Hagens

Ten years after a financial crisis, the inherent instability of financial markets has been further confirmed by the coronavirus pandemic, while fragilities in wider economic systems have been exacerbated, from precarious work to the consequences of high levels of debt in the global south and across the corporate sector. In this episode of the “Great Unraveling?” series, Nate Hagens joins me to explore fragilities in financial and wider economic systems.

Nate Hagens has written and spoken widely on many of these issues. He’s an Adjunct Professor at the University of Minnesota and co-founder and director of the Institute for the Study of Energy And Our Future. Previously he worked in the financial industry at Lehman Brothers and Salomon Brothers. He has a Masters in Finance from the University of Chicago and a PhD in Natural Resources from the University of Vermont.

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