Cohort 2040

Cohort 2040 is seeking to better understand the challenge facing emerging leaders of the Millennial generation and to build a community that helps these leaders more effectively continue the struggle for a better world as environmental destabilisation grows.

IPPR Responding to Environmental Breakdown

A major, award-winning research programme which explored the implications of environmental breakdown for policy and politics and the actions needed to re-stabilise natural systems while managing growing destabilisation.

Economic Change Unit

The Economic Change Unit is a non-profit organisation that supports the efforts of those seeking to build more resilient, just and sustainable economies, through education, analysis and convening.

The Great Unraveling?

Hosted by the Post Carbon Institute and Anthropocene Actions, the Great Unraveling? conference and video series explored the accelerating convergence of environmental, economic, and socio-political stresses across the world and how we can respond.

#TalkNHS with the Royal Society of Medicine

A day of public conversation, #TalkNHS featured NHS campaigners, clinical leaders, politicians and experts in law and economics to discuss the past, present and future of the NHS. A keynote from Professor Stephen Hawking made headline news.

Bring Back the NHS

Hosted by Ian McKellen in April 2015, Bring Back the NHS brought together speakers from within the NHS and beyond in love and passion for the work of the NHS as well as a severe concern for its present and future.