Planet on Fire

“A clear, powerful vision. Don’t miss this book.”

Jason Hickel, academic and author of Less is More

“A political guide for the times ahead.”

Kate Aronoff, journalist and author of Overheated

“A manifesto and a call to arms. Please read it”

John Ashton, activist and former UK government climate envoy

Planet on Fire is an urgent manifesto
for a reimagining of our
economic systems.

In the age of environmental breakdown, the political status quo is struggling to adequately respond to the devastating and inequitably distributed consequences of the environmental emergency. We urgently need an alternative to bring about the rapid transformation of our social and economic systems. As we rebuild our lives in the wake of Covid-19 and face the challenges of ecological disaster, how can we bring into being a world fit for life?

Planet on Fire offers a detailed and achievable manifesto for a new politics capable of tackling environmental breakdown.

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“This book is a handbook for the fights to come.”

Quinn Slobodian, historian and author of Globalists

“Maps a route to an equal and sustainable world.”

Grace Blakeley, commentator, journalist and author of Stolen

“Realistic, achievable and hopeful.”

Carola Rackete, ecologist and sea rescue activist

“This is an essential read.”

John McDonnell MP, former shadow chancellor

“Eloquent, clear-sighted and erudite.”

Will Davies, academic and author of Nervous States